Bloody Brits

When Frank decided to stop blogging, I wasn’t entirely on board. He was all “I should be focussing on my academic work” and I guess it seemed like a sensible decision but I enjoyed reading his posts so my selfless advice was that he should just suck it up and keep blogging instead. The thing is, Frank and I agree on most things so I liked reading what he wrote, what I could potentially have written myself — with the addition of some linguistically-charged, Inner-Asia-specific digression that I wouldn’t normally delve into — all nicely packaged in well-articulated tidbits of polemical thought.

For some time he’d been trying to get me to post stuff on his blog but I always declined, resisting the idea of making myself heard on a space that I didn’t feel as mine but now that he’s stopped blogging, now that I can’t tell him anymore “oh, you should blog about this”, I’ve decided to step up and start to pollute the ether with my own brand of random reflections and grievances.

Deciding on the title for the blog took some time. I knew I mostly wanted to blog about living in the UK — moving to this country was probably the single most defining event to shape the person I am today, forcing me to question things I may otherwise have taken for granted had I remained in Italy, and allowing me a more critical perspective on aspects that British-born generally glaze over unquestioningly. 

My first choice was bloody foreigner but, frustratingly, somebody’s already registered this address and isn’t using it… Then I thought of bloody foreigners but, worrying that I might be confused for some BNP supporter, I eventually decided against it. Later Frank suggested Bloody Brits and although reluctant to use it, I did consider it for some time. But I didn’t want the blog to be perceived as a pedantic attack on Britain, however critical I may appear of it at times, this is still the place that I consider my home and a good 49% of my being. 

So I went for vague. Vague is good, I decided; it gives me room to rant and given I do have a lot of bones to pick… 


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