Child haters

I’m always amazed to see how child-unfriendly this country really is.

Are you bothered by children?

Are you bothered by children?

Yesterday someone sent in a letter to thelondonpaper complaining that she had been kicked off a bus along with her two children because one of them was crying. Apparently the bus driver stopped and wouldn’t move until all three had got off.

First of all, what is it with bus drivers doing that? If someone gets on without paying their fare, the driver doesn’t move until they’ve paid. If someone gets on through the wrong door, the driver doesn’t move until they have got off. And now, apparently, if a child starts to cry, the driver doesn’t move until the whole family unit has vacated the vehicle.

Of course what they are doing is really quintessentially British. You don’t need to be a social anthropologist to see that they are hitting them with the ultimate weapon. By refusing to move they are, first of all, creating a disadvantage for everyone else on the bus thus causing all other passengers to side against the offender and, as a consequence, they are causing the culprit to feel they are the odd one out, the centre of attention, the outsider and therefore experience what no self-respecting Briton wants to experience and yet inevitably winds up living again and again all through their lives: embarrassment. It’s an old trick, one that you might want to reassess in light of current-day levels of criminality. I’m uncertain that today’s knife-toting offenders are deterred by embarrassment but you never know, I suppose it’s still worth a try. 

Be that as it may, today some hideous woman called Laura replied saying:

“If your children are being disruptive in public, you need to have enough consideration for others to remove them yourself.”

Laura, really, you are quite the bitch! What happened to being supportive of people having a hard time? When your child starts to cry, the last thing you need is people making you feel like a little shit for it. And yet that’s what people do. They gang up on you because they sense a weakness you have – and having a crying child in London is a weakness.  I’ve heard people say that parents with pushchairs shouldn’t use public transport during peak hours, that they shouldn’t go to restaurants, pubs anywhere where there’s other people that might be bothered by their children.

That’s because people in Britain don’t really like children. They find them inconvenient, a nuisance and a disturbance, they resent those who chose to have them and show it by making them feel a weight for society and an inconvenience themselves. It makes you wonder how you end up with the kind of deranged delinquent teens who spend their days stabbing each other.


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  1. Legushka

    What I find particularly disturbing is the cold, over-rational detached language that lady uses – “you need … to remove them yourself”. She talks of them like they’re a tumour…

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