Home of the brave

I was watching the Republican party conference and having a bit of a laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many pearl necklaces!

American lady

I have to admit that American politics are a bit alien to me. The whole aesthetics of it is at odds with the way things generally happen here in Europe. Children paraded in front of cameras in Hollywood-ish promotional videos with catchy tunes. In purely American style, it’s all a bit much really, but probably it’s exactly this show-business side of it that has caught people’s attention outside their national borders.

But I’m quite surprised by how suddenly the Republican party conference is all about Sarah Palin. Clearly somebody on the campaign decided that McCain wasn’t cool enough so now it all has to be about the “hockey mum”.

Earlier some Hawaiian woman was giving a speech at the conference and talking about Ms Palin (surprise). I don’t think she even mentioned the guy who’s running for president, what’s his name again? Anyway, she was condemning corrupt politicians, saying Washington is “broken”, we’re gonna change all that… Fortunately for her, she was talking to a friendly audience or someone was bound to stand up and remind her that the current administration is run by the same party she wants us to vote for.

But all the Republicans seem to have to say for themselves involves mocking Barack Obama or telling people that he is going to raise taxes. I don’t see much in the way of actual policies or ideals – if we don’t consider their “country first” slogan. All seems to be about “we’re the best”, “we’re gonna nook your ass all the way to iRak”.

Well, personally I can only hope that the people with the pearls and the guns will not win. The world has seen enough of the American tough-guy approach to politics in the last few years without getting a president whose main claim to the fame is, we’re constantly reminded, that he was in a war.


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