There’s always hope in second (third?) chances…

Lillian Ladele

Lillian Ladele

As the California Supreme Court agrees to hear lawsuits recently filed in the hope to overturn Proposition H8, many time zones away here in the UK, the Employment Appeal Tribunal Court will hear Isligton Council’s appeal against the Christian registrar who wanted to be excused from marrying sinful homosexuals and was found to have been discriminated against on religious grounds by her employer who wouldn’t allow her to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

All around us we keep seeing anti-gay discrimination going unacknowledged, unpunished and it doesn’t give us much hope for a fairer society.

Some Jamaican singer called Bounty Killer, who incites people to murder gays and lesbians, has been given a visa to come and perform in the UK on the understanding he won’t sing those nasty songs over here.

Some things give us hope, like the outcry in the US to the passing of Prop 8 but others just make it seem like a never ending struggle.


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