On reaping and sowing

I was reading today about people complaining about the backlash against supporters of prop 8. 

While I don’t condone some reactions that are a little out of my comfort zone, I find that this is a perfect practical example of what happens when you’re targeted by a large portion of society. Gays and lesbians know very well that thanks to the anti-gay propaganda  there is a large majority of people who silently dislike us but also a minority who become violent and agressive and commit actual crimes. 

When the religious right claim they have an inalienable right to “denounce homosexuality as sinful” they should realise that when they do that, a small minority of their audience take their message as giving them leave to commit crimes and use violence. Now that they have become the victims of this small misguided minority, they denounce the whole anti prop 8 movement as violent and fascistic not realising that they are only tasting the bitter medicine they’ve been dishing out for years. 

It would be great if they could connect the dots and learn something from this experience. What they’ve chosen to do is instead to denounce gays even more vigourously and perpetuate the circle of violence.


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