With enemies like these…

I was  reading today about the amicus brief filed yesterday by the Family Research Council in support of proposition 8.

Family Research Council logoI was surprised by how it goes on an on about the people’s inalienable right to amend the Constitution. These people are called the “Family Research Council” and all they have to talk about is the initiative process. Interestingly, they haven’t touched at all upon the merits of the proposition itself. Now that it’s in the courts, there’s no more claiming that the proposition is actually fair, that churches are going to be forced to do this and that, that schools are going to teach whatever, now it’s all about the fact that the majority has spoken.

AG Brown has made an excellent, inspirational argument about how the Court has to defend minorities against the tyranny of the majority and all they have to say is: the majority has spoken. They don’t seem to have one ideological issue to stand on any more.

Curiously, all the points made by the proponents of prop 8 during the campaign are not being repeated in front of the Court. Could it be that it would be considered perjury in front of a judge and their arguments would immediately be exposed for what they are?

It’s probably a good sign for those of us who hope for the proposition to be overturned. No claims are actually being made to counter the opposite side’s arguments that the proposition is unconstitutional. Even the official legal team haven’t gone into that. All they’ve said in their second brief was that the AG was asking the Court to do something it’s not supposed to do. No claim was made that his allegations were unfounded.

With Friend-of-the-Court briefs such as these, who needs actual friends!


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