The charitable right

Over the last few days I’ve read of a series of episodes in the U.S. that really show how low conservative and religious people will scoop to ostracise equality for gay citizens.

In Washington D.C., where gay marriages performed out of district are already legally recognised, the city is about to pass legislation to allow those marriages to be celebrated within the District of Columbia. In attempt to put pressure on the district’s authorities, those charitable folks who run the Catholic Church have declared that if the law is passed they’ll shut down their social services operations currently offering support to about 64,000 people in the area. We should add that these operations are already using public funds…

Meanwhile in the state of Rhode Island, Republican senator Don Carcieri has vetoed legislation aimed at allowing the surviving party in a civil union to make arrangements for their deceased partner’s funeral service.

You really have to wonder how these people can sleep at night. The Church uses destitute people as pawns in its political games while a senator will step in to stop people from making funeral arrangements for their deceased partners. This is what the right has come to in the U.S.


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