The unsurprising news

The next general election was announced today in the UK. The media are all over the news as if we weren’t expecting it.

Something else which has been widely reported and is unlikely to surprise anyone if it does come about is a possible win by David Cameron and the Conservative party.

David CameronFrom my own perspective, I see Cameron has been going out of his way to persuade the LGBT community that he’s a friend of the gays but I find him so unconvincing, so fake. The prospect of having him as the next Prime Minister scares me. I don’t think he would undo all the good work done by Labour in the last 13 years but certainly the drive towards equality will be blunter.

One senior member of the shadow government, Mr Chris Grayling, has already been in the news over the last few days for speaking out in support of some businesses’ right to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in clear violation of the laws of the land (passed under the still current Labour government).

It is unclear whether Mr Grayling thinks the same businesses should be allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, religion and sex, or just sexual orientation. What is clear is that Cameron has not commented on the issue, let alone reprimanded Mr Grayling.

I’m not saying Labour are perfect, but it’s undeniable that what they’ve done for LGBT rights no other British government had done before and I doubt the Tories have similar groundbreaking reforms in store for us.

I wish I could live to see a LibDem government in this country. They are by far the most deserving people for the job and I’m sure they would be able to radically change this country for the better.


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